Discover Durian: Have You Ever Tried the "King of Fruits"?

Mar 08, 2024Cortney Ho

Have you ever encountered a fruit so adored it's crowned the "King of Fruits," yet so divisive it sparks passionate debates? That's the magic of durian! At Phoenix, we're embracing this unique Southeast Asian fruit and inviting you on a journey to explore it with us!

From now until the end of March, newcomers to durian can try any one of our featured durian desserts at a special introductory price. Check out our special menu below!




The Crown Jewel of Thailand

Thai Monthong durian, translated as 'Golden Pillow' in Thai, is a prized Thai durian variety known for its large size, mild sweetness, and creamy texture. Some say the flavor is sweet and creamy with hints of caramel and onion, while others find it funky and strong. It's an acquired taste, but once you start, you can't stop!

Did you know? We use only top-graded Thai Monthong durian in our desserts!


Join the Durian Discussion

Durian is a fruit that sparks conversation. So, we encourage you to try our durian desserts and share your experiences with us on Instagram and TikTok! Let us be your guide on this journey into the world of the King of Fruits!



Stay tuned for upcoming posts in our new "Discover Phoenix" series, where we'll delve deeper into the unique ingredients behind the dishes you love at Phoenix!


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