Our Story

First established in 1965 as Phoenix Inn, our brand has since expanded to include multiple restaurant concepts and locations throughout California. We are a family business that offers a unique blend of classic and creative East and Southeast Asian cuisine. Welcome!


Phoenix Inn first opened its doors in 1965 where founder Kai Tai worked shortly after immigrating to America in hopes of building a better life for his wife and five children. In 1976, he bought the restaurant from the owner who was retiring. Over the next two decades, Kai Tai worked as the head chef and his wife May as the cashier.


In 1997, Phoenix Inn's second location opened in Alhambra, which would also be the birthplace of Phoenix Dessert. Our Durian Rolls and Mochi were one of the first items to sell and continue to be our most popular desserts.

Food Boutique

Phoenix Food Boutique was first introduced in 2003 as a concept that blended the menus from Phoenix Inn and Phoenix Dessert in a more casual setting. There are now eight Food Boutiques across Southern California.